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Raiders, NFL Respond to Oakland in a Bid to Dismiss (Part 1)

Judge Joseph Spero will decide whether or not to dismiss Oakland's lawsuit against the Raiders and NFL/

On Friday the NFL, and Mark Davis, led Raiders responded to the City of Oakland’s recent brief, hoping to put a quick end to their lawsuit seeking damages for the Raiders’ relocation to Las Vegas. A quick view of the contents reveals that the NFL is still pursuing the same arguments as before the response from the City was filed, namely…

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Latest NFL Concussion Settlement Reports Reveal Dementia Claims Still Under Siege

reading between the lines

In December, three NFL Concussion Settlement Status Reports were released; one by the Special Masters, one by the Claims Administrator, and one by the BAP Administrator. The reports provide a number of insights into the settlement both in the plain text and between its lines. I’ve been analyzing the three reports and crunching some additional numbers.

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Update on Delvin Williams’ NFL Disability Case.

Delvin Williams NFL Disability Roger Goodell Groom Law

We regret to have to inform you that Delvin Williams’ decades-long struggle for his disability benefits came to an end on January 3, when his case was dismissed with prejudice.  If you’re not familiar with his case, here’s his story. NFL Disability Pulls Rug From Under a Player Disabled Since 1982 Order of dismissal:  

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This we know. Trevor Lawrence is NFL-ready.

Trevor Lawrence NFL Road Closed

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This we know. Trevor Lawrence is NFL-ready.

Trevor Lawrence NFL Road Closed

I knew it even before last night’s game. I have followed Lawrence for the last two years and seen his greatness. But everyone else should have seen it last night. Great leaders impose their will on the outcome of big games. I was rooting for the Buckeyes 100% but was worried throughout because I know Lawrence just doesn’t lose and his teammates know that playing behind him means you don’t lose so they flat-out play to win…So why can’t Lawrence, even after this season’s performance, and last night’s heroics, declare himself eligible for the upcoming NFL draft? Collusion. Antitrust violations. Greed. An archaic rule.

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January 2020 General Interest Newsletter

Newsletter archive for Advocacy for Fairness in Sports

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Khaseem Greene’s Case Paints an Ugly Picture of Police, Prosecutor Misconduct

Khaseem Green - Police Prosecutor Misconduct

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Police and Prosecutorial Misconduct Converge in the Case of a former NFLer

Khaseem Green - Police Prosecutor Misconduct

Khaseem Green’s Lawsuit Exposes Serious Cracks in the Justice System/ Khaseem Greene is a free-agent linebacker in the NFL who last played for the Kansas City Chiefs in 2017. Greene was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey and attended Elizabeth High School, where he played football for the Elizabeth Minutemen.

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Khaseem Greene v Elizabeth Police Department

Articles relating to Khaseem Greene v Elizabeth NJ Police Dept.

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NFL Blitzkrieg Against Disabled Retirees Advances

blitzkreig Roger Goodell Demaurice Smith Michael Junk Groom Law

Tyrone Keys’ Disability Case Illustrates the Triumvirate’s Scorched Earth Assault

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