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Jets Safety Calls Foul on Referees in New Lawsuit

Rontez Miles calls foul on refs

It would seem that New Orleans Saints fans aren’t the only ones concerned about bad officiating in the NFL, nor are they alone in taking the matter to court. New York Jets free safety Rontez Miles has filed a lawsuit against game officials for violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and in so doing, left him vulnerable to injury.

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The Blitz 12/23/16

The Blitz

NFL is Consistently Inconsistent: It’s time the NFL fixes its awful officiating https://t.co/F72GPf1tzl via @btsteelcurtain — Sheilla Dingus (@SheillaDingus) December 22, 2016 Walkileaks: Roger Goodell Has Lost The Will To Punish Teams https://t.co/dsVVO5En0T — Sheilla Dingus (@SheillaDingus) December 22, 2016 The NFL season is just a bunch of fashion fines …

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