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Jets Refusal to Allow Kelechi Osemele to Have Surgery for Torn Labrum is a Harsh Reminder of NFL’s DNA

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NFL Painkiller Suit Dismissed. What Went Wrong?

Dent v NFL Painkiller Lawsuit Dismissed

On April 19, Judge William Alsup of the Northern District of California dismissed the only remaining cause of action against the NFL regarding its misuse of powerful painkilling drugs, ending litigation that spanned two-lawsuits over the course of five years.

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Game On!

Richard Dent battles NFL Painkillers

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Richard Dent is Back and He’s Looking to Sack the NFL for Drug Abuses

Richard Dent battles NFL Painkillers

Hall of Famer Richard Dent is back in action! Twenty-one years after his retirement, the Super Bowl XX MVP is scoring points and hoping to make the biggest sack of his career in a revived class action lawsuit against the NFL.

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Lane Johnson v NFLPA and Dent v NFL lawsuit updates


And a quick update on the Dent v NFL painkiller lawsuit.  I’ll try to get a story out soon. (Click on the tweet to open the thread.) An amended complaint has been filed in the Dent v #NFL painkiller lawsuit in which the district court decision of dismissal was reversed by the 9th Circuit.

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Players see major win in NFL painkiller lawsuit at the Ninth Circuit

Richard Dent Wins Appeal

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The Blitz 5/18/17

The Blitz

⚖️Litigation Lane: New Baylor Title IX Lawsuit: Pretty damning allegations in former Baylor volleyball player’s Title IX lawsuit against university pic.twitter.com/AGaaWK5n5j — Mark Schlabach (@Mark_Schlabach) May 17, 2017 Baylor hit with 7th Title IX lawsuit, plaintiff alleges gang rape by football players https://t.co/GluKECgWpF via @PhillipEricksen — Sheilla Dingus (@SheillaDingus) May …

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Will the NFLPA’s grievance impact current painkiller litigation against the NFL?

Hall of Famer Richard Dent

May 10, 2017
Sheilla Dingus
@SheillaDingus Richard Dent is a Hall of Fame defensive end, and MVP of Super Bowl XX, but now his opponent is the league for which he once played – and it may prove to be his fiercest opponent of all.  In May 2014 …

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NFLPA Files Grievance Against NFL for CBA Medical Violations

NFLPA grievance

May 9, 2017
Sheilla Dingus
@SheillaDingus In an unusual legal twist, NFL Counsel Paul Clement filed a letter with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday citing a grievance against the NFL and its Clubs by the NFLPA. The grievance claims violations of the CBA in …

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The Blitz 4/19/17

NFL Blitz

⚖️Conduct Detrimental: In this new Conduct Detrimental episode, Daniel Wallach and Dan Werly take on the Aaron Hernandez “not guilty” verdict, Eli Manning and the Giants’ “Memorabiliagate” developments and the relocation lawsuit brought by the City of St. Louis against the NFL and how it may impact relocations going forward.  ❗️SPOILER ALERT❗️  Wallach says, “It may …

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