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Buried in Documents

Sheilla buried in documents

I wanted to get an article out this week.  I really did.  But it’s just been one of those weeks where the documents (and some other interesting leads) continue to accumulate and as soon as I’ve settled on a subject to write about, something new has bumped it down further on the cue.  So–instead of an article, I’m going to give you documents this week.  Lots of documents spanning lots of cases starting with a consolidated brief filed by former Class Counsel to the NFL Concussion Settlement, Gene Locks,  appealing common benefit fee allocations that went primarily to Seeger Weiss.  The brief is accompanied by 13 volumes of supporting appendices spanning 9,891 pages.  You can find all the documents on our Document Cloud folder–or– I’ve linked two of particular interest below.

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Break your arm and get sued. The strange lawsuit against Patrick Chung

Patrick Chung lawsuit

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Patriots Patrick Chung Breaks Arm; Gets Sued

Patrick Chung sued after breaking arm

New England Patriots safety Patrick Chung had the bad fortune of breaking his arm early in the third quarter of Super Bowl LIII, and now his injury has placed him as a defendant in a rather strange lawsuit.

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Matthew Hogan v Patrick Chung

Patrick Chung Injury

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