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POV: Rebuttal to BU Today’s Pro-Amateurism Op-Ed

POV BU Today Amateurism Rebuttal

Advocates for the rights of college athletes quickly become impervious to the NCAA’s constant shilling and often it seems the better part of valor is found in a “mute” button. But every once in awhile, you see a pitch that while completely unoriginal is so egregious you feel forced to respond. Today is one of those days. I just finished reading “POV: California’s Fair Pay to Play Act Will Destroy the Philosophy of Amateurism in Collegiate Sports,” on the BU Today website. The article was written by Professor Ellen Faszewski, a Human Development clinical professor and associate dean for student affairs. That’s all her BU Today bio states about her academic role but heralds her role as an NCAA faculty representative and involvement with the NCAA Division III FAR Fellows Institute, with apparent pride.

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