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Ex-NFLer’s Cannabis Lawsuit May Be Headed To The Supreme Court

Marvin Washington Cannabis Lawsuit

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Ex-NFLer’s Cannabis Decriminalization Lawsuit May Be Heading To The Supreme Court

Marvin Washington Cannabis Lawsuit

In July 2017, retired NFLer, Marvin Washington, along with four other plaintiffs, filed a lawsuit against then Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the DEA in the Southern District of New York. The other plaintiffs in the case were two young children and a military veteran who relied on medical marijuana to treat chronic conditions. In view of legalization in numerous states, Washington and his fellow plaintiffs sought to have marijuana decriminalized at the national level. The lawsuit makes for interesting and educational reading demonstrating how marijuana came to find itself at the top of the government’s Schedule I drug classification.

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Lane Johnson’s Appeal Brief Casts Shadows on NFLPA and District Court

Lane Johnson Appeals to 2nd Circuit

On Monday, Lane Johnson left the game after sustaining brutal blindside hit when his quarterback, Carson Wentz, unprotected on the left, slammed into the offensive lineman’s leg during a sack.  On Tuesday Johnson, in a brief filed at the Second Circuity Court of Appeals by his attorney Stephen Zashin, accused the NFLPA of a blindside shot of their own and Southern District of New York Judge Richard Sullivan of abusing his discretion in dismissing his claims.

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Silence Broken

Tom Brady

By Sheilla Dingus July 14, 2016 Last week, as Patriots fans grew more and more anxious about the silence in the Second Circuit Court of Appeals regarding Tom Brady’s request for an en banc hearing, I began digging around in the dockets of the Court and discovered that 32 en banc petitions had …

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Second Circuit Update 7/11/16

Upside-down football

By Sheilla Dingus July 11, 2016 Last week I decided to do a bit of looking into the current case load of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals and published my findings in a short article, Sound of Silence from the Second Circuit. In summary this is the info I mined as I …

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Sound of Silence


by Sheilla Dingus July 6, 2016 As we listen to the sound of silence from the Second Circuit I decided to do a bit of digging in the court dockets to see if I could find a plausible reason.  My first thought was perhaps the circuit is overloaded with cases, and while they are busy, …

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Article 46: Burning Down the House

Article 46

by Sheilla Dingus
May 17, 2016 There’s an enormous fire raging within the NFL, one that threatens to burn its foundation to the core. Though the flames have dwindled to embers at times, they continue to spontaneously reignite. The source of this fire? Well actually there are many sources, faulty research, cover-ups and much …

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