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Amended Complaint Could Force NCAA to Actually Fulfill Its Duties

Clown Mark Emmert

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Aldrich Amended Complaint Could Force NCAA to Actually Fulfill Its Purported Duties

Clown Mark Emmert

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it clear who the real governing bodies in college athletics are. Despite how much the NCAA pretends to have overarching, sweeping, oversight of every member nationwide when it comes to athlete-employees being compensated for their labor, it’s the athletic conferences that NCAA-member institutions belong to, not the NCAA, that really runs college athletics.

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The Blitz 2/1/20


February 1, 2020 Our picks for the
Ten Most Interesting Sports Law Stories
from the past week. The Super Bowl may be the biggest game of the week, but it’s far from the only one.  Sports law never takes a break and we’ve got the “Main Events” covered for you here. Continue reading

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The Blitz 1/26/20

The Blitz

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California Jury Sides with USA Swimming in Molestation Case;

swimming abuse

A California jury has ruled in favor of USA Swimming in a lawsuit brought by a swimmer who had alleged sexual abuse by a coach of a local swim club.,,“There is too much malarkey in here for me to fully digest and intelligently respond,” [plaintiffs counsel] told Sports Litigation Alert. “This ultra conservative jury in a ‘red’ venue located in California’s central valley declined to hold the national organization responsible for the molestation of my client for two reasons alone…”

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Whistleblower Swim Coach Details Abuse, Retaliation in New Lawsuit

whistleblower swimming abuse

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Swim Coach Seeks Relief After Retaliation For Exposing Abuse

whistleblower swimming abuse

Those who abuse athletes and power are enabled to do so by structures designed to hold them accountable for failing that responsibility. A recent wrongful termination lawsuit brings that to light.

At the center of Kuck’s allegations are events that took place late in 2017 and spilled over into the following two years. Kuck says that in October of 2017, mere months after taking the job as the club’s head swim coach, he reported assistant coach Jeremy Anderson to the board for verbally abusing a member family and threatening the family with revocation of their membership in retaliation for a similar complaint the family had made.

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Chris Hudson Faces an Uphill Fight for His Disability Benefits

When it comes to sexual abuse in Olympic sports, enough is enough.

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Olympic Sexual Abuse: When is Enough Going to be Enough?

Olympic Sexual Abuse

This year alone has seen a 55% increase in reports of sex abuse and other misconduct than last year. That amounts to an average of 239 reports a month… Analysts predict that the number of reports could cap off at 667 per month or 8,000 per year.

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Reflections on SLAC 2019

SLAC phoenix

Reflections from SLA 45 from a First Time Attendee Part 1 Reflections from SLA 45 from a First Time Attendee Part 2

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