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New York Liberty Seek Justice for Women in Prison

New York Liberty - social justice

New York’s WNBA team, liberty is much more than a word on the front of their jerseys. “I want to make sure it’s highlighted that 80 percent of women who are incarcerated are mothers,” Tina Charles stated. “From 1980 to 2017, the number of women incarcerated increased by more than 700%, it really shows how important this issue is not just for the New York Liberty but for the community…”

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With the Kap/Reid Settlement it’s not either/or

Kaepernick Reid Settlement Social Justice

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Perspective: It’s Not ‘Either / Or’ with Kaepernick and Reid

Kaepernick Reid Settlement Social Justice

February 15th, 2019, started with the surprising announcement that the National Football League had settled the two civil lawsuits Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid had filed against it and, as you can imagine, the news was met with widely different reactions based on where people stood on the cases. To put it simply, if you were pro­Kaepernick and pro­Reid, you saw it as a win for the two men. David had just dealt a big blow to Goliath. If you were on the side of the league, you saw it as a win for this big and powerful institution. They had proven once again that they could not be touched. The truth lies somewhere in­between

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