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Lane Johnson’s Appellate Brief Was Worth The Wait

Lane Johnson Appeals to 2nd Circuit

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Lane Johnson’s Appeal Brief Casts Shadows on NFLPA and District Court

Lane Johnson Appeals to 2nd Circuit

On Monday, Lane Johnson left the game after sustaining brutal blindside hit when his quarterback, Carson Wentz, unprotected on the left, slammed into the offensive lineman’s leg during a sack.  On Tuesday Johnson, in a brief filed at the Second Circuity Court of Appeals by his attorney Stephen Zashin, accused the NFLPA of a blindside shot of their own and Southern District of New York Judge Richard Sullivan of abusing his discretion in dismissing his claims.

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‘Back Door Agreements Between NFLPA and NFL Emerge in Lane Johnson’s Lawsuit

NFL - NFLPA Secret Back Door Deals - Lane Johnson

In a previous article I wrote, “The NFL and NFLPA are natural adversaries. Will the NFL become an ally to Johnson in the vein of “the enemy of your enemy is your friend” or will they assume an adversarial position against both Johnson and the union? Or will they ally themselves with their usual adversary to cover potential misdeeds of collaboration or collusion with the NFLPA?” It didn’t take long to get an answer. Both the NFL and NFLPA responded to Lane Johnson’s request for discovery and Judge Richard Sullivan’s order regarding the same, with a resounding “no!” It’s less than surprising they decided to choose the third option and unite against Johnson, who stands to reveal their alleged back-door collaboration.

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Lane Johnson Wants Discovery as His Battle with NFLPA Intensifies

Lane Johnson Wants Discover Against NFLPA

The NFLPA has summoned all the king’s horses and all the king’s men to blitz Eagles OT Lane Johnson, but he and his attorney Steve Zashin have demonstrated they won’t go down without a fight and they’re seeking discovery in order finally prove Johnson’s allegations.

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Underdog Lane Johnson is Looking to Sack the NFLPA as Lawsuit Moves Forward

Lane Johnson - Beware the Underdog

Beware the Underdog! Lane Johnson’s underdog persona served him well in Super Bowl LII. Now he’ll be putting it to the test in his quest to sack the NFLPA.

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Why Packers’ Mike Pennel’s Suit Against the NFL & NFLPA Isn’t Likely to Go Far

Michael Pennel

By Sheilla Dingus December 1, 2016 UPDATED: Happily, I missed on this one.  Mike Pennel did indeed reach a settlement with the defendants forcing appointment of the correct number of arbitrators.  Read on for the background and why this case was such a longshot that eventually prevailed. On Tuesday Michael Pennel, defensive tackle for the …

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