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Be in the know with the Blitz

The Blitz

This week in addition to our regular Blitz sports law digest we have a special Blitz focused exclusively on the NFL/NFLPA CBA.

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The Blitz – 2/9/2020

The Blitz

he Blitz counts down the 10 most interesting sports law stories from the past week with short summaries, article excerpts and links to keep you informed. Threatened litigation against the NFL for its Super Bowl halftime show is #10 and an age discrimination lawsuit against NCAA lands at #9. Check out the countdown as we work our way to #1.

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The Blitz 2/1/20


February 1, 2020 Our picks for the
Ten Most Interesting Sports Law Stories
from the past week. The Super Bowl may be the biggest game of the week, but it’s far from the only one.  Sports law never takes a break and we’ve got the “Main Events” covered for you here. Continue reading

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The Blitz 1/26/2020

The Blitz

Football, baseball, gymnastics, cannabis, concussions, sneakers, church, and “The Bachelor” all made sports law news last week. Here’s our review of what you need to know.
10. Seeger Weiss To Spend $5M Of Concussion Education Fund
9. Breaking Down Michael Avenatti’s Nike Extortion Trial
8. Court Sacks ‘Seasonal Worker’ Status for Injured NFL Player

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The Blitz 1/19/2020

The Blitz

The Blitz is back with a makeover. We’re now counting down the ten most intestimg sports law stories from the past week. Check them out:
10 Cigna Can’t Use Privilege To Shield Info In NFL ERISA Suit
9. Court Dismisses Antitrust Claim, Finding League Was Within Its Rights to Limit Number of Teams
8. Avenatti Case Alleges Settlement Between Nike and Kaepernick
7. NFL, Raiders Argue to Dismiss Oakland’s Relocation Lawsuit

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The Blitz 11/10/16

Save Our Bolts

NFL: Chargers in Awkward Situation: The #NFL put #chargers fans in a lose-lose situation. They deserved better | For The Win https://t.co/Mgjg114K20 via @aNateScott @forthewin — Sheilla Dingus (@SheillaDingus) November 9, 2016 After the failed stadium vote, no good options for the Chargers. @AndrewBrandt‘s analysis: https://t.co/W7L5QvW923

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The Blitz 11/8/16

State of the League

State of the NFL: NFL greed=insatiable-RG has pushed 2 expand leagues reg season while preaching player safety out other side of mouth https://t.co/7fNtDDzvMr — Sheilla Dingus (@SheillaDingus) November 8, 2016 In my latest piece, Former #Vikings Ben Leber and I discuss the #NFL CBA and current state of the league.

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