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Appeals Court Revives Molestation Case Against USA TAEKWONDO

abuse in USA Taekwondo

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California Court of Appeal Revives Civil Molestation Case Against USA TAEKWONDO

abuse in USA Taekwondo

USA Taekwondo argued “that they owed no duty of care to prevent Gitelman’s sexual abuse” of young female athletes and acted only after he was criminally convicted. An appeals court disagreed.

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Chris Hudson Faces an Uphill Fight for His Disability Benefits

When it comes to sexual abuse in Olympic sports, enough is enough.

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Olympic Sexual Abuse: When is Enough Going to be Enough?

Olympic Sexual Abuse

This year alone has seen a 55% increase in reports of sex abuse and other misconduct than last year. That amounts to an average of 239 reports a month… Analysts predict that the number of reports could cap off at 667 per month or 8,000 per year.

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At What Price Glory?

taekwondo trafficking

The potential for and actuality of sexual abuse of young athletes is rampant as awareness increases of abuses in swimming, wrestling, weightlifting, figure skating, and numerous other sports. In all, Washington Post reports that over 290 coaches and officials in Olympic sports have been implicated in sexual abuse of the athletes in their charge. Additionally, the abuse is accompanied by a consistent barrage of cover-ups protecting the assailants with little if any regard for the victims.
A particularly heinous example is brought out in a disturbing lawsuit filed by over 50 women against two of taekwondo’s most celebrated athletes, Steven and Jean Lopez, who are accused of rape, forced labor and sex trafficking of numerous young taekwondo athletes, many of them minors between 1997 and 2018.

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Heidi Gilbert v USA Taekwondo

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