Appeals Court Revives Molestation Case Against USA TAEKWONDO

abuse in USA Taekwondo

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Little Has Changed at USOC following Hirshland’s Appointment

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Almost a Year After Hirshland’s Appointment, Little Has Changed in the USOC

In the wake of several scandals like the Larry Nassar travesty and resulting coverup, changes were made at the top of the United States Olympic Committee. A line of demarcation in what was supposed to be a “new era” for the USOC was the hiring of current chief executive officer Sarah Hirshland.

When Hirshland took over in Nov. 2018, she made a tearful promise to listen to athletes and declared the future is bright. Despite her assurances, the USOC has continued the same practices of excluding athletes from governance, paying lavish severances to disgraced executives, denying healthcare for athletes and actually waging legal battles against the very athletes it profits from.

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At What Price Glory?

taekwondo trafficking

The potential for and actuality of sexual abuse of young athletes is rampant as awareness increases of abuses in swimming, wrestling, weightlifting, figure skating, and numerous other sports. In all, Washington Post reports that over 290 coaches and officials in Olympic sports have been implicated in sexual abuse of the athletes in their charge. Additionally, the abuse is accompanied by a consistent barrage of cover-ups protecting the assailants with little if any regard for the victims.
A particularly heinous example is brought out in a disturbing lawsuit filed by over 50 women against two of taekwondo’s most celebrated athletes, Steven and Jean Lopez, who are accused of rape, forced labor and sex trafficking of numerous young taekwondo athletes, many of them minors between 1997 and 2018.

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Heidi Gilbert v USA Taekwondo

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‘Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel’ reveals stunning lack of support for Olympic Athletes.


As the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games draw closer, the dreams of hundreds of hopeful Olympians from around the world will be realized. Olympic athletes in the United States of America often encounter larger obstacles in realizing their dreams as compared to their counterparts from other developed nations, and they have the United States Olympic Committee to blame for that.
On Tuesday, Jan. 30, “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel” on HBO will debut “Episode 250: U.S. Olympic Pay Gap” in which the show will speak with current and former United States Olympians about the financial burdens that representing the United States in the Olympic games has placed upon them.

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